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Traffic stop leads to Duncan's woman arrest on drug charges According to Greenlee County Sheriff Tim Sumner, a Duncan woman had 32 ounces of methamphetamine  in her car Thursday. A Duncan woman was arrested Thursday after Greenlee County deputies said they found 28 grams of methamphetamine in her car. Greenlee County Sheriff Tim Sumner said Wanda Wynne, 53, was pulled over near Three Way because deputies suspected she was driving under the influence. Wynne refused to let the deputies search her vehicle. A  deputy’s drug-detecting dog alerted the deputies drugs might be in the vehicle and deputies found two different bags of methamphetamine, Sumner said. Since nine grams of methamphetamine is the threshold amount for a sales case, she was booked on suspicion of possession of dangerous drugs and possession of dangerous drugs for sale, he said. Deputies believe Wynne was also was high on meth at look at this site the time of the stop and she was also booked on suspicion of DUI, Sumner said. “This is definitely a sales case and one that the deputies and I have been watching. There are a few people we’ve been watching,” Sumner said. Sumner said Wynne has been previously arrested and incarcerated on similar charges. [Insurance] [Construction]